As much as we hope that our SMS bot can answer all of your questions, we know that unfortunately it can't (we're always working on improving it). To give you an idea of the questions that you can ask the SMS bot, here's a partial list:

  • Can I include my parents on the plan?
  • When do my benefits reset?
  • How often can I go to the dentist?
  • How much dental coverage do I have?
  • Do I have coverage for a root canal?
  • Do I have coverage for braces?
  • Do we have travel insurance?
  • Does my travel insurance cover my spouse?
  • Are my kids covered?
  • Do we have coverage for glasses?
  • Are vaccines covered?
  • How much massage coverage do I have?
  • Are orthotics covered?
  • Do I have disability coverage?

Remember - if you change your cell phone number, let your plan administrator know - that's how you're validated, and how we give you the right information on your coverage!

And, if you can think of anything that we can add, let us know at

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